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Why Fall is the Best Time to Install a Roof


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Fall Leaf

Roofing companies in Elizabethtown PA have long held the belief that the best time to get roofing work done is the fall. The shingles will seal down rapidly in the warm afternoons and not “scar” when there is excessive summer heat. The fall is generally a dryer time of year with sufficient daylight to ensure most residential jobs being completed in 1 day, and you are then set for a long cold winter, leak free.

Many people tend to notice issues with their existing roof at the end of winter and the middle of summer. Melting snow often reveals issues that have come up as a result of ice during the winter months, and heavy rains in the summer can reveal leaks, which is why most people call a roofing contractor to get problems fixed.

Autumn offers the best conditions for installing a new roof; temperatures in the fall are perfect for roofing work. While it is certainly possible to get work done at other times, very cold winter temperatures can make it difficult for shingles to adhere properly, which can cause problems with the shingles not sealing properly. Freezing temperatures makes it almost impossible for work to get done in the early morning or late afternoon. This means the overall work day is shortened, and roofing jobs may take longer to complete. Do not try to go through another winter with a roof that needs to be replaced. Call us NOW, so we can schedule YOUR roof job and can make sure that your home is protected before the first snowfall!

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