What Makes Windows Energy Efficient?

Energy Efficient Windows

The installation of energy efficient windows is one of the easiest ways to save on energy costs throughout the year. But many people are confused about what makes a window energy efficient. Homeowners in need of window replacements can rely on Abel & Son for the best in window design because we install Harvey vinyl windows. Here are a few facts that can help clarify what makes windows energy efficient and how they can be used to save money on your heating and cooling costs:

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Multi-Paned Windows

Using multi-paned glass is one of the most popular ways of ensuring that windows are energy efficient. Air is trapped between the layers to provide natural insulation against the loss of heated or cooled interior air. The insulation ability can be improved by filling the space between the panes with certain types of gases. In addition, special coatings on the glass can help to increase efficiency.

Gas Filled Windows

Another way to increase the energy efficiency of windows is to fill the space between panes with a gas. Generally, argon or krypton is used for this purpose. These gases are heavier than air and make it more difficult for warmed air or cooled air to pass through the glass. Both double-paned and triple-paned glass is available to help you save money on energy costs throughout the year.

Low-E Glass

Special coatings can be applied to the window glass to increase its ability to hold in heated air in winter and cooled air in summer. These coatings also can reflect ultraviolet light to prevent fading of furnishings inside the home.

Frame Materials

For example, Harvey window frames are made of high-quality materials that are constructed with attractive appearance and energy efficiency in mind. These windows are designed to fit well in the frame and provide good insulation against the elements.

Warm Edge Spacers

The way the spacers are constructed can also have a significant effect on the energy efficiency of the window. Harvey windows have a unique U-shape spacer design that is manufactured in a continuous piece. This design ensures thermal performance and structural integrity of the window.

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