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Nearly any homeowner that takes pride in their major investment will work hard on their landscaping in an effort to add beauty to their home. However, adding instant curb appeal often requires the installation of beautiful new windows, siding and roofing materials. This is because aging building materials in poor condition can cause immediate scrutiny the moment the home comes into view. Because of that, it is important to consider all the exterior components of the home as crucial elements to the aesthetic quality of the house.

Hummelstown Roofing Company

While other roofers in Hummelstown PA install three-tab strip shingles, Abel & Son uses roofing material that is of much higher quality. Our shingles are heavier, which means they are better able to withstand Pennsylvania's varied weather conditions. The sturdier material of our shingles makes them resistant to algae and the unsightly streaks they can leave on your roof. Every new roof that we install includes a ventilation system that protects your roof as well as your attic. Customers also tell us that our shingles give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

A Quality Roof

Many homeowners tend to think of the roof as an afterthought when considering options to improve the aesthetic quality of the home’s exterior. However, for years roofers in Hummelstown PA have been offering a variety of decorative protective solutions for homes using the best technology and materials with extensive warranties. When properly installed, a new roof can add significant beauty and value to the home.

Additionally, properly installed roofing will provide the highest level of defense of the home against inclement Pennsylvania weather. Because of that, the installed building materials must be strong and durable while offering easy maintenance and long-term performance.

Protecting The Home

Contractors like Abel & Son Roofing & Siding provide superior roofing in Lancaster PA can transform any aging house or structure that has lost its exterior luster. In addition, we can inspect the existing roof to look for any evidence of rainwater or melting snow that has leaked into the attic of the home. We can stop the expensive structural damage to the boards and rafters by installing a beautiful new roof to fit nearly any budget. That is why we are the company to call for your roof replacement needs!

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