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The exterior of your home provides your property with curb appeal that can enhance the style and value of your home. More than that, your homes' roof provides your property with protection from the elements, wildlife, theft and more. The importance of an attractive and well-maintained roof cannot be underestimated. However, over time, shingles may become damaged or worn and the entire roof will need to be replaced. Finding the right roofers in Lebanon PA to handle your roof replacement needs can be challenging, but not when you hire Abel & Son Roofing & Siding to do the job!

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When searching for the right roofers in South Central PA to come out to your home for a free estimate, consider the quality of shingles the company will use. The effective life of a roof will be based in part on the quality of installation services, exposure to the elements and maintenance efforts made by the homeowner over the years. However, the quality of shingles used is critical to enjoying the greatest results from an installation service and we use only the best TAMKO® Heritage® architectural dimensional shingles, which are much heavier and wind resistant than the standard 3 tab strip shingles you'll get with other roofing compaines. Whether you need a few shingles replaced or your entire roof needs to be replaced, consider looking for a Lebanon roofing company that utilizes the highest quality shingles available, like Abel & Son Roffing & Siding.

Lebanon PA Roofers

When it comes to finding a high quality Lebanon roofing company, it's important to understand cheapest doesn’t always mean most economical. When it comes to construction materials, price matters, and lowball offers mean cheap products with short warranties. Imagine putting a roof on your house that’s only good for 10 years instead of 30. That means you can expect to start paying for repairs in three to five years. That’s not economical. It may take care of your immediate need for a new roof, but it won’t help you in the long term.

With so many different roofing contractors available to choose from, sorting through the options to find the best contractors to work with can be a challenge. The fact is that your home’s exterior features are vital to its value and curb appeal. These features are also vital to your home’s ability to protect the structure from exposure to natural elements and more. When looking for the best company to work with for roofing or siding in Lebanon PA, consider a company that strives to provide you with the best results possible while accommodating your budget, like Abel & Son.

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