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Flavia Gets a New Roof!

Abel & Son’s Charity Work “Flavia Gets a New Roof…After many, many phone calls and rejections from different PA State Agencies, Abel & Son Roofing & Siding in Elizabethtown agreed to team up with Hershey Free Church and St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church to put a new roof on the home of this sweet […]

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Flat Roofs: Rubber Roofing Is the Way to Go

Rubber Roofs You may be familiar with basic roofing materials, such as shingles, but these materials are typically used on slanted buildings. If you have a flat or slightly sloped roof, shingles cannot protect the surface adequately, they are not to be used for roofs under 3/12 pitch application per manufacturer. As one of the […]

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Why Fall is the Best Time to Install a Roof

Roofing companies in Elizabethtown PA have long held the belief that the best time to get roofing work done is the fall. The shingles will seal down rapidly in the warm afternoons and not “scar” when there is excessive summer heat. The fall is generally a dryer time of year with sufficient daylight to ensure […]

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