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3 Reasons Why a TAMKO Roof Warranty is Worth a Second Look


At Abel and Sons, Inc., we install TAMKO roofing because of the brand’s limited warranty guarantee. TAMKO offers a longer up-front, full start protection on all of their shingles in their Heritage Series Limited Warranties. This up-front, full start protection includes no proration on any manufacturing defect for up to 15 years on their Heritage shingle series, and up to 20 years, no proration, on their Heritage Premium.

What does up-front, full start protection mean for you, the homeowner?

  • TAMKO has a “no shingle usage subtraction” for the first 15 years of your roof’s life. “No shingle usage subtraction” means that TAMKO doesn’t charge for shingle replacement for the first 15 years that you own one of their roofs
  • TAMKO will cover the cost of labor and shingle replacement for the first 15 years of your roof’s life compared to their competitors which don’t include labor costs in with their repairs
  • We stand behind TAMKO as our choice for roofing. We’ve developed a personal relationship with our TAMKO representative, Jim Sullivan, which means that we trust him when it comes to TAMKO’s products and warranties.

TAMKO states that their limited warranties are better than “lifetime warranties.” We have over 20 years of experience installing TAMKO roofs, and we like TAMKO Heritage roofs. We will come to your home in Harrisburg, Lebanon, or Lancaster to install your new Heritage roof for you and to tell you more about TAMKO’s limited warranties. If you are looking for roofers in Hershey PA, call Abel & Son!!

To learn more about TAMKO’s Heritage and Heritage Premium roof series, call us today. If you live in the Harrisburg/Hershey area, call us at 717-361-8406. If you live in the Lebanon/Palmyra area, call us at 717-272-7799. And if you’re in the Lancaster area, call us at 717-560-9476.

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