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Spring Maintenance Checklist

Winter is giving way to spring, which means it’s the perfect time to begin checking your roof for damage caused by the past season’s incessant rains, heavy ice and snow, whipping winds and freezing temperatures. Use this springtime roof maintenance checklist to help you: Safety First Roof maintenance can be dangerous if you don’t take […]

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4 Tips for Winter Roof Maintenance

Your may think that your shingles can wait until spring to be replaced, but harsh winter elements make roofs more vulnerable to leaks and extensive damage. Relentless winds, burdensome snow and slow melting ice can make its way right through an aged roof; water will find its way through flashings and shingle cracks, causing you […]

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Is Your Roof Streaking?

How algae devalues your home Have you ever driven through your neighborhood and noticed that a lot of your neighbors have black streaks on their roofs? It’s algae that feeds on the asphalt holding the shingles together, and it can spread to your roof too. The algae’s technical name, Gloeocapsa Magma, appears in regions that […]

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